Help those hit hardest by COVID-19

COVID-19 has impacted us all.

But we have so much here in Australia to be thankful for. We are already coming out of the critical first stage of this pandemic. We have a strong public health system, a functioning government and reliable food supplies. We have homes that we can safely self-isolate in, enough space to keep social distancing and the ability to effectively close our borders. We have running water and a culture of good hygiene practices. We have soap.

Many of our neighbours overseas have none of these things, and they are the ones who are going to be hit hardest by this global pandemic.  

These are the people that our ministry partners serve.

The countries that our partners live and work in don't have anywhere near the level of health systems and public coordination that we have, and what systems do exist are often not accessible to the poor and marginalised groups. The communities they serve lack reliable water and hand-washing facilities. The people have limited access to food markets and there are poor supply chains. The cities and villages are overcrowded and they lack the ability to isolate people with the virus or even practice social distancing.

The pandemic is in early days for these countries but there is already increasing anxiety about how health systems that are already overstretched will bear the load and how people will be able to afford the essentials just to survive.

Everyone will be affected by COVID-19. But those who are already vulnerable will be hit the hardest.