The vital work of reaching and discipling new believers is now in crisis caused by COVID-19.

Churches can’t afford the sanitisers and protective equipment required under local regulations, and as a direct consequence pastors have little to no income because of the impact on local collections and offerings.

What a tragedy if pastors were forced into other careers, or churches were closed, over something as small as not being able to afford hand sanitiser!

It would be especially tragic if those churches are in remote communities where there’s no other way for people to learn about Jesus.

With so much suffering and hardship around the world at the moment, there’s an urgent need to provide a message of hope.

Please help spread the message of hope this Easter by making a generous donation today.

You can choose for your gift to go towards evangelistic work (which is not tax deductible) or towards releasing people from poverty (which is tax deductible). Both kinds of gifts will have a tremendous impact, so please choose the option you prefer.

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