Photo Credit: Jes Aznar/The New York Times

Emergency Appeal - Taal Volcano Eruption in the Philippines


It’s been a devastating few months for our brothers and sisters in the Philippines. You may have seen in the news that on Christmas Eve the country was struck by a powerful and deadly typhoon. So, instead of celebrating, thousands of Filipino families spent Christmas Day fleeing their homes and scrambling for safety. Then, just as recovery efforts were starting to make progress, on Sunday 12th January, Taal Volcano in northern Philippines erupted without warning. The initial eruption shot volcanic ash kilometres into the sky, triggered significant earthquakes and, once again, sent thousands of people fleeing for their lives.

The eruption is still ongoing. Hundreds of earthquakes have been recorded so far, thick ash has blanketed the whole region and the evacuation zone now includes over 400,000 people. Homes have been destroyed but, more significantly, most of these people have lost their livelihoods as they were forced to leave behind livestock, crops and fishing equipment, all of which have been swallowed up by the ash.    

Natural disasters like these highlight the fact that we live in a wounded world, living on this side of sin from God’s perfect creation. They also remind us that we are called to love one another, to come together and support our brothers and sisters in their times of suffering.       

Our Ministry Partner – Philippine Missionary Fellowship (PMF) – has been sharing God’s love and supporting these communities for over 50 years and has been providing emergency assistance for those affected by the volcano eruption, initially taking in evacuees and providing critical supplies (clean drinking water, food, bedding, flashlights, battery chargers, hygiene products etc.) before being forced to evacuate themselves. Right now, they are regrouping and finding other locations to support evacuees. 

Our work at WorldShare is to stand with our Christian partners, through the good times and the bad. Today we’re asking you whether you can stand with them even closer as they bear the load of responding to this disaster. 

Photo Credit: Jes Aznar/The New York Times