For over 70 years, we have worked in the most challenging regions by resourcing, enabling and encouraging our Ministry Partners to bring ongoing spiritual, physical and social transformation to their own people. We take seriously our responsibility to ensure donations are used for their intended purpose and that the projects we support have a positive impact on their beneficiaries. Regular program monitoring and evaluation form part of our commitment to due diligence. We’re transparent with our finances and are audited every year to ensure our financial processes are robust, accurate and consistent.

Over the last five years approximately 75% of WorldShare’s income has gone to partner programs that directly benefit vulnerable children and their communities.

The remaining 25% goes to raising additional funds - which allows us to provide even greater support to our partners and projects, and ensures ongoing, sustained support to help our ministry partners grow - and administration costs.

This distribution of funds is on par with other international aid and development organisations and we believe that our partnership model provides greater impact and more lasting change for the people and organisations we support.

As part of our partnership model:

- we only support grassroot organisations, which often require more intensive capacity building and support from us than more mature organisations would.

- we only support locally run partner ministries, which means we do not fund expats working overseas or set up field offices. Funds sent to local people are much more impactful than sending funds to expat workers, who typically demand much higher salaries and are less likely to circulate these funds within the local community.

- we are committed to long-term partnerships with our ministry partners, which are more effective than the temporary project-grant type of funding that other organisations use. As a result, we build strong relationships, nurture organisational growth and witness real transformation within communities.

Frequently Asked Questions

Over the past five years approximately 75% of funds raised have gone to partner programs that directly benefit vulnerable children and their communities. This includes the provision expertise to ensure that the funds are providing maximum benefits to their intended beneficiaries.

We provide technical assistance, specialised training and mentoring and guidance to our Ministry Partners, to strengthen their ability to serve their people and to support them to continue to improve and develop over time. We continually monitor and evaluate each project to determine its impact and effectiveness. This involves reporting on a financial and project basis, regularly visiting sites, annually conducting field office and partner audits, and conducting formal evaluations of the project.

Our work aims to empower local communities and improve their capacity to meet their own needs in the long term. Therefore our ministry partners consult local communities to ensure their needs are at the centre of the project design and that they are engaged in its implementation. Our experience shows that when local communities are engaged in these projects, transformation is multi-generational.

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