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Displacement and Ethnic Exclusion

The number of people forcibly displaced as a result of persecution, conflict, generalised violence and human rights violations stands at an unprecedented 79.5 million globally. Often these displaced groups also face ethnic exclusion, as they are systematically blocked from rights, opportunities, and resources that are normally available to members of society and that are key to social integration. Whilst the causes of displacement and ethnic exclusion vary from country to country, they are characterised by repression and an inability of marginalised ethnic groups to participate fully in the normal relationships and activities, available to the majority of people in a society.

WorldShare works to provide spiritual care, security, education, health and economic livelihoods to these marginalised communities.

We believe loving like Jesus means transforming the lives of minorities and the displaced.


Our Projects

Heal Africa, Democratic Republic of Congo

Mercy Fund

Heal Africa, Democratic Republic of Congo

Every day HEAL Africa receives poor, vulnerable and displaced people who have come to seek medical assistance but are unable to meet the costs of treatment. As an organisation with a mission to compassionately serve vulnerable people and communities, the hospital cannot turn them away. Mercy Fund was created to cover these medical and associated expenses for the most vulnerable patients presenting at the HEAL Africa hospital.

Heal Africa, Democratic Republic of Congo

Mugunga School and Uamusho Project

Heal Africa, Democratic Republic of Congo

The Mugunga Primary school provides education opportunities for vulnerable children and orphans from the Mugunga Refugee Camp in Goma. The Uamusho Project provides a refuge for young people living on the streets, often known as ‘street kids’ and aims to give them hope and brighter futures.