Take Action

It’s through the incredible work of advocates of WorldShare
that we are able to stretch our reach throughout Australia.
Thanks to their enthusiasm and passion, many more Australians
can connect with us and our overseas Ministry Partners.

What is involved in volunteering as an advocate for WorldShare?

Perhaps you know one of our Ministry Partners personally - from membership of a Short Term Team or from a previous Ministry Partner Visit to Australia - and you might wish to be an advocate for that partner, or help support a visit.
Perhaps you have an interest in, connection with or enthusiasm for one of the regions where our partners operate? Or for the type of work one of our partners is doing?

Perhaps you are keen to promote WorldShare's Sponsor A Child program or advocate for our work more generally.

Send us an email or call us to discuss how you might be able to help as a WorldShare advocate and what resources we can provide.

Become an Advocate