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As part of our Journey to Uganda series of events we recently caught up with Jane Donald. Jane visited CFM and Wakisa in 2015 as part of a WorldShare medical short-term trip to Uganda. 

“We were centrally located in Mbale, which is the second largest city in Uganda.

“We had about four doctors with us, we had a pharmacist, and then three of us sort of like general hands.

“Every day we drove out to various villages, spending up to two and a half hours getting into a place, and then spending eight or nine hours doing a clinic, and then driving back, having dinner, and going to sleep.

“It was such an eye opener for me to see how some people live in this world, but just how much joy they still have with what they had.

“It was a blessing for WorldShare to bring a team through CFM to go and do that in villages.

“The thing that really inspired me was that we took other doctors with us from Mbale to show them how it can be done so that they don’t have to depend on people coming from overseas to do it all the time.”

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