Someone to cry to – Mirembe’s story

31-year-old Mirembe* from Uganda has shed many lonely tears in her life.

Mirembe grew up in abusive homes. She was beaten by her stepfather and then later denied food by her cousins. As a very young girl she attempted to take her own life, desperate for relief from the pain she was in…

But thankfully, God had a plan for Mirembe… a plan that not even COVID could interrupt.

The meaning of Easter – reflections from our ministry partners overseas

Easter is one of the most central celebrations to our Christian faith. It’s a time for us to remember the death and resurrection of Jesus – the source of our salvation.

This is true for our brothers and sisters overseas as well, and so recently, in the lead up to Easter, we caught up with some of our ministry partners to find out what Easter means to them and how they celebrate it.

The joy of school shoes

“One of my happiest times in my life was the day I received school shoes.” Masiko* lives with her grandmother and 14 other children (from a number of families) in an ‘incomplete house’ in the Mbale district of Uganda. Right …

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Memories of Uganda

As part of our Journey to Uganda series of events we recently caught up with Jane Donald. Jane visited CFM and Wakisa in 2015 as part of a WorldShare medical short-term trip to Uganda.  “We were centrally located in Mbale, which is the second largest …

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