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We recently received some sad news from our former ministry partner, Philippine Missionary Fellowship (PMF); that Bishop Alfredo De Guzman has gone to be with the Lord.

Alfredo worked closely with us during the 20 years that we partnered with PMF and from all our time with him it was clear that he had a deep and passionate heart for two things in particular.

The first was sharing the gospel. He would take any opportunity he could to tell people about Jesus, and if an opportunity didn’t present itself, he would make one.

Bishop Alfredo was well known in the Philippines as a pastor, a teacher, and a bible college lecturer. He was dedicated to training others to teach the Bible, particularly lay people, who often did not have the chance to enter formal theological colleges.

His second great passion was helping people in need.

Tara Carr (our Head of International Partnerships) worked closely with Alfredo over the years and her reflection captures his heart nicely.   

“I once asked him why he was so passionate about giving a chance to people who lived in the slum areas of Manila. He told me it was because he had grown up there himself, so he knew what it was like, and that he was so grateful for the way God had worked in his life and he wanted to share that with others.” 

While this is a sad time for all who knew him, the team at WorldShare have also been encouraged as we reflect on his life and his heart (and his infectious laughter).

His life was a strong testimony of a life well lived for Christ.

If you have reflections from your own experiences with Alfredo, or if you have any messages that you’d like us to pass onto PMF, please let us know.  

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