A life transformed by soap and water – Maly’s story

For as long as she could remember Maly had been regularly falling ill. Many times throughout the year she would be too sick to go to class and her education was suffering.    

But everything changed 18 months ago, when Maly was entered into Sunshine Cambodia’s School Development program…

Finding new hope in a hospital visit – Jean’s story

Jean was only seven years old when he brought his dying father to the HEAL Africa hospital.

“My father had been ill for a long time because the local hospitals were unable to help him”, recounts Jean.

Sadly, by this stage it was too late for the doctors at HEAL to treat Jean’s father and after a few days in the hospital he passed away.

But even though they were unable save his father, those few days changed Jean’s life forever…

Nary’s story

“I was born into a poor family… I thought this was just who I was and never considered that I could be any different…”

11-year-old Nary lives with her two sisters and their parents in the Prey Veng province of Cambodia.

They live in a small house made of wood, with a zinc roof and while her farmer parents work hard, they struggle to meet the family’s needs.

Watch the video to see Nary describe how support from Sunshine Cambodia has transformed her family, her confidence and her life!

Sewing her life back together – Namazzi’s story

Namazzi* was 17 when she was sexually assaulted by someone in her community.

Afraid and ashamed, she kept it a secret at first.

But when she realised she was pregnant, Namazzi had no choice but to tell her parents what had happened to her.

You’d hope that they might comfort her and support her. Family is where you’re meant to feel safe and feel like you belong.

Instead, they rejected her.

Namazzi was alone, pregnant, and out on the street…

From heartbreak to healer

Siya’s* father was the biggest supporter of her dream to get an education and become a doctor. But when he died suddenly it looked as though it would take away her chance to fulfil their dream…

City2Surf… in silence

In two weeks’ time (August 14) WorldShare’s interim CEO, John Lamerton, will join thousands of others as they run (or walk) 14km for the City2Surf.

The twist is, he’ll be one of the only ones doing it in total silence…

Not by bread alone

Coming to Ephphatha’s Centre for the Deaf helped Yvonne find physical and spiritual nourishment like she’d never tasted before.

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