Philippine Missionary Fellowship (PMF)

About Philippine Missionary Fellowship (PMF)

Philippine Missionary Fellowship has a vision to take the gospel to the many thousands of unreached villages throughout the Philippines and to implement practical projects in rural areas of need. PMF has demonstrated their faith by establishing non-profit schools, medical clinics and orphanages to have a transforming influence within the local communities.

WorldShare supports PMF to care for vulnerable children, often from slum communities, by running a child sponsorship program, so that these children can have access to primary education and essential health care, and so look forward to a brighter future.

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Our Projects

Philippine Missionary Fellowship Elizabeth Academy, Philippines

Support for children from squatter families

Philippine Missionary Fellowship Elizabeth Academy, Philippines

There are over 127,852 squatter families living in slum, conditions in metro Manila, in a desperate struggle for survival. Our partner assists children from squatter families, ensuring that the children can receive formal education, and have their medical costs provided for. This project supports the funding gaps of the child sponsorship project. In addition, this project aims to improve the living conditions of the children’s families by introducing a savings and small business association training for parents in squatter communities, giving them a way to improve the living conditions of their children.

Partner Objectives

To provide financial assistance to 100 sponsored children to go to school who would otherwise not have the opportunity.

To provide medical care, income generating activities and community development activities in child sponsorship communities.

To provide 75 people from squatter communities in Manila with the opportunity to start their own businesses by joining a Village Savings and Loan group.

To provide money management training for Village Savings and Loan group members to enable them to successfully run a small business.

Transforming lives in Philippines

The Philippines, in southeastern Asia, consists of 7,107 islands. The government is still struggling to draw its people out of poverty, and urban poverty, such as is seen in the slums of Manilla, is on the rise.

Our ministry partners are involved in a broad spectrum of activities including community development and children's education.