Wakisa Ministries

Providing refuge, medical care and a path to a brighter future for outcast young mothers and abused girls in Uganda. 

Wakisa Ministries runs a pregnancy crisis centre, which offers temporary shelter, pre- and post-natal care and counselling for young girls with unplanned pregnancies. The girls are often victims of sexual abuse from their families or neighbours and subsequently abandoned by their families.

Wakisa empowers young mothers and abused girls, giving them hope for a brighter future through vocational skill training or supporting them to return to school and get a formal education.

Show God’s love to outcast young mothers and give them hope for a brighter future.

Wakisa reflects God’s love for outcast young mothers and abused girls by providing them with the care and love they need, right when no-one else will.

By providing pre- and post-natal care they ensure that mother and child have their best chance for a healthy and safe birth.

Through counselling and support they can help mothers heal from trauma and (where appropriate) reconcile with their families.

Through bible studies, chapel services and being loved in and openly Christian environment the young women have a chance to know God’s love for them.  

By providing these young women with a chance to go back to school or learn a vocational skill they can give them the means to support themselves and their children and have hope for a brighter future.  

About Uganda

Uganda Map

Uganda is home to over 42 million people, and while the country has made significant progress in reducing poverty over recent years, there are millions who still struggle to break free from the cycle of poverty.

Most of these live in remote rural communities that lack the opportunities enjoyed by more developed and connected parts of the country.

In addition to the ‘usual’ challenges of poverty, the prevalence of HIV in Uganda (with over 1.4 million people infected) has had a devastating effect on the community, leaving more than 2.5 million children orphaned and forced to fend for themselves.

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