Sponsor a Child
Abuse and neglect of girls and women

Hi, I’m Nadu and I’m 10 years old. I live with my aunt who has seven children of her own. She struggles to provide us with our basic needs because she has no source of income. My favourite subject is Science and enjoy playing football. I dropped out of school when I was 8 so that my brothers could go as my family didn’t have enough money to send us all.

Your sponsorship can help a child like Nadu continue her schooling so that she can realie her full potential.

Current social indicators show that girls and women still bear the brunt of poverty and marginalisation. This deep-rooted discrimination creates a bleak outlook for girls and women, who continue to need support to overcome multiple barriers to their safety and well-being.

Hi, I’m Sarah and I’m 19 years old. I live with my my grandmother who’s been caring for me since my parents died many years ago. I gave birth to my baby boy when I was 13 years old after being abused by a close relative. I was lucky to be able to go back to school and hope to be an accountant one day.

Your sponsorship can help a young mother like Sarah to continue her education and access pre and post-natal care as well as continue her education for a brighter future.

One in three girls and women experience physical and sexual violence, often by those closest to them. Sometimes this leads to unplanned pregnancies which in turn leads to them being shunned by their families and communities, leaving them alone and desperate.

How Sponsorship Works

Your monthly support of $49 will help fund projects specific to the needs
of the child’s community, including things such as quality education, food
and nutrition and health. It may also fund projects specific to the needs of the
child’s community such as schools or hospitals.

When you support our child sponsorship program for teenage mothers,
your monthly gift of $166 is directed towards a pregnancy crisis centre
which offers temporary shelter and pre-and post-natal care for pregnant teenagers.
It also runs vocational skills training to provide the girls with a means
to support themselves and their babies after they leave the centre.

Approximately 75% of funds raised go to partner programs that directly benefit vulnerable children and their communities. This includes the provision expertise to ensure that the funds are providing maximum benefits to their intended beneficiaries. 

We encourage our sponsors to set up automatic credit card or bank account deductions, as they are easy and reliable. You can also pay by cheque or credit card. 

Yes, the children love to hear from their sponsors in Australia because it reminds them that someone loves and cares for them. You can write using the blank letter template included with each letter from your sponsor child, or alternatively you can forward the text of your letter to sponsorships@worldshare.org.au.