Sponsor a Child

Hi, I’m Manikiam and I’m 14 years old. At school my favourite subjects are maths and sports. In my last report my teacher commented that I have ‘ good leadership skills and ability’. My father is the only one of my parents who works but makes too little money at the quarries to afford to provide for all of us. I used to sometimes help my dad at his work but now I am back at school. I hope to earn a lot of money when I’m an adult.

Your sponsorship will support a child like Manikam have access t education and to realise his full potential.

In the least developed countries, nearly one in four children is engaged in labour that is considered detrimental to their health. Many parents in impoverished countries push their children into work out of necessity, unable to sustain their families on their own incomes.

How Sponsorship Works

Your monthly support of $49 will help fund projects specific to the needs
of the child’s community, including things such as quality education, food
and nutrition and health. It may also fund projects specific to the needs of the
child’s community such as schools or hospitals.

When you support our child sponsorship program for teenage mothers,
your monthly gift of $166 is directed towards a pregnancy crisis centre
which offers temporary shelter and pre-and post-natal care for pregnant teenagers.
It also runs vocational skills training to provide the girls with a means
to support themselves and their babies after they leave the centre.

Approximately 75% of funds raised go to partner programs that directly benefit vulnerable children and their communities. This includes the provision expertise to ensure that the funds are providing maximum benefits to their intended beneficiaries. 

We encourage our sponsors to set up automatic credit card or bank account deductions, as they are easy and reliable. You can also pay by cheque or credit card. 

Yes, the children love to hear from their sponsors in Australia because it reminds them that someone loves and cares for them. You can write using the blank letter template included with each letter from your sponsor child, or alternatively you can forward the text of your letter to sponsorships@worldshare.org.au.