About Bangalore City Mission

Bangalore City Mission (BCM) came into exist to help children in the poorest areas of Bangalore. These children typically come from families whose parents work in rock-cutting quarries, and face a life of exploitation and danger. BCM operates in this context to build strong communities, that are able to provide for themselves, by empowering people to live long, creative and healthy lives.

BCM runs a number of community development programs, including a school for preschool to grade 10 students. WorldShare supports BCM through its sponsorship program of children from the quarry villages who are unable to afford their education costs due to a lack of finance, disability or illness. WorldShare also supports a Women and Child Centre, which provides a safe place for children whose parents work in the quarries and who are at risk of dropping out of schooling, as well as for women who face domestic violence and abuse.

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ANNUAL GOAL $361,818

Partner Objectives

To provide free education to 370 children from the poorest communities in Bangalore, particularly quarry communities.

To provide medical care, income generating activities and community development activities in child sponsorship communities.

To provide medical outreach camps and treat 500 patients unable to afford medical care.

To provide 60 women vocational training to enable them to gain employment.

To provide 65 children of quarry workers free education, educational materials and midday meals, enabling these children to be the first generation to attend school and be protected from the risk of exploitation in quarries.

Transforming lives in India

Although racing ahead economically there are still gross inequities apparent throughout the country. The boom has enriched a consumer class of about 50 million people, but about 880 million still live on less than $US2 a day. At least 46% of children up to the age of 3 still suffer malnutrition and India is home to one third of the world's malnourished children. Our ministry partner in India is involved in caring for children and women from quarry areas, helping build their resilience against exploitation and poverty.