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WorldShare supports CFM to run a sponsorship program, targeting orphans and children from very needy families, to receive education and essential health care, as well as conduct HIV/AIDS awareness campaigns to help CFM communities gain understanding of the cause of HIV/AIDS and its prevention. Worldshare also assists CFM’s Widows Support Program. Widows are highly vulnerable, facing threats to their land and a loss of means to provide for their families.

CFM’s Widows Support program empowers vulnerable widowed families to start income generating activities such as farming in order to be able to become self-sufficient. The Livelihood Program, supported through WorldShare, assists communities to start Village Savings and Loan Schemes. They are largely made up of women, equipping them to save income and start small businesses, with mentoring and guidance by CFM.

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Christian Fellowship Ministries, Uganda

New Generation Orphan Care

Christian Fellowship Ministries, Uganda

There are more than 2.5 million orphans in Uganda today, often because of the prevalence of HIV. Our partner provides holistic support to 300 orphans and vulnerable children. The project includes education and essential health care support, as well as the integration of orphaned children with host families and associated living expenses such as bedding, lamps and cooking utensils. It supports the funding gaps of the child sponsorship project, through which children are provided with school fee contributions, school materials, and medical costs.

Partner Objectives

To enable 298 orphaned or vulnerable children to go to school, and receive medical care and community development projects in their communities.

To provide five community education programs on HIV/AIDS prevention in the five most at risk communities and establish two locally led HIV/AIDS mentoring groups for young people.

To provide 1250 disadvantaged people (especially women) with the opportunity to start their own businesses by joining a Village Savings and Loan group.

To provide money management training for Village Savings and Loan group members to enable them to successfully operate a small business.

200 widows to be formed into collective farming groups, and to provide these groups with training on effective farming techniques and business management skills.

To conduct an evangelistic outreach programs in an unreached community and establish a church there.

*Please note this specific project is funded through our Spreading the Gospel Fund

Transforming lives in Uganda

Uganda is home to 27 million people. The country was prosperous at independence in 1962, but was brutalised under the chaotic regimes of Milton Obote and Idi Amin. In that period, up to 800,000 Ugandans were murdered. With over 1.5 million people living with HIV, the prevalence of HIV in Uganda is a major concern. This is a primary cause for the fact that today, there are more than 2.5 million orphans in Uganda. Our ministry partners in Uganda are focused specifically on helping young girls with unplanned pregnancies (often due to abuse) as well as orphans and vulnerable children.