Sunshine Cambodia

WorldShare is excited to welcome Sunshine Cambodia to our family of ministry partners!

Sunshine Cambodia is a Christian organisation working toward the holistic development of poor children and their families living in Cambodian communities.

Cambodia remains one of the poorest countries in the world, which in addition to issues around food and education, creates an environment where issues like child labour and child trafficking can thrive.

Sunshine's Child Development Program is directly responsible for getting more Cambodian children off of the streets and into classrooms. This is done through a unique partnership between Sunshine, community schools, and local families.

After many years of focusing on the needs of children, Sunshine now works with their parents as well. Most Sunshine parents have little education, few employment opportunities and low, irregular income - usually just a few dollars per day. In developing the parent's independence and capacity, risk to the children is minimised and there is far greater likelihood of a strong outcome for the whole family.

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