From fear to flourishing – Narith’s story

“I was always too scared to talk to kids or teachers at school,” Narith explains, “And I didn’t dare raise my hand when I didn’t understand the lesson.”

Read how Narith went from fear to flourishing thanks to our ministry partners in Cambodia…

A life transformed by soap and water – Maly’s story

For as long as she could remember Maly had been regularly falling ill. Many times throughout the year she would be too sick to go to class and her education was suffering.    

But everything changed 18 months ago, when Maly was entered into Sunshine Cambodia’s School Development program…

Nary’s story

“I was born into a poor family… I thought this was just who I was and never considered that I could be any different…”

11-year-old Nary lives with her two sisters and their parents in the Prey Veng province of Cambodia.

They live in a small house made of wood, with a zinc roof and while her farmer parents work hard, they struggle to meet the family’s needs.

Watch the video to see Nary describe how support from Sunshine Cambodia has transformed her family, her confidence and her life!

The meaning of Easter – reflections from our ministry partners overseas

Easter is one of the most central celebrations to our Christian faith. It’s a time for us to remember the death and resurrection of Jesus – the source of our salvation.

This is true for our brothers and sisters overseas as well, and so recently, in the lead up to Easter, we caught up with some of our ministry partners to find out what Easter means to them and how they celebrate it.

Sunshine and clean water – Sarin’s story

Fifty-seven-year-old Sarin is a picture of matriarchal determination. She is a widower and the full-time carer for her seven grandchildren. All of whom live with her in​ a small and dilapidated house in a rural district of Cambodia…

12 years of Sunshine

Fiona Mance is a passionate supporter of Sunshine Cambodia and the children they serve.

So, when our recent Soup and Sunshine event offered an opportunity to host friends and introduce them to the work of Sunshine, she jumped at the chance.

Shortly after the event, we caught up with Fiona to find out a little more about her connection with Sunshine and how the event went at her place on the night.

Save the date!

Let’s come together (virtually) to make a life-changing difference for children in rural Cambodia.

Join us for dinner on Saturday 5 March 2022 as we stir up a special Cambodian soup and raise much-needed funds so that Sunshine Cambodia can reach and help more kids.

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