From fear to flourishing – Narith’s story

“I was always too scared to talk to kids or teachers at school,” Narith explains, “And I didn’t dare raise my hand when I didn’t understand the lesson.”

Read how Narith went from fear to flourishing thanks to our ministry partners in Cambodia…

A mother’s joy – Mentari’s story

Mentari is a busy housewife from Southwest Sumba in Indonesia.

She works hard at home and on the farm, and does her best to care for her children.

So she was heartbroken to discover that her three-year-old daughter was suffering from severe malnourishment…

Prayer & Praise May

Prayer & Praise is our monthly prayer diary, filled with prayer requests and praise points from our ministry partners overseas.

A life transformed by soap and water – Maly’s story

For as long as she could remember Maly had been regularly falling ill. Many times throughout the year she would be too sick to go to class and her education was suffering.    

But everything changed 18 months ago, when Maly was entered into Sunshine Cambodia’s School Development program…

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