HEAL Africa
Democratic Republic of Congo

About HEAL Africa

HEAL Africa is a beacon of hope in a region devastated by ongoing conflict and poverty. HEAL Africa aims to compassionately serve vulnerable people and communities through a holistic approach to healthcare, education, community action, and leadership development, in response to changing needs. WorldShare supports HEAL Africa’s Mercy Fund, which covers medical and associated expenses for the most vulnerable patients of HEAL Africa hospital, who frequently either live in remote areas or are internally displaced, and are unable to afford medical care. WorldShare also supports HEAL Africa to run a child sponsorship program, providing education support and medical care to orphans, children with disabilities, street children and unaccompanied children living in foster families in the region, often due to the devastating conflict. HEAL Africa provides vocational training for young street children who are living lives of exclusion, addiction and violence. The program provides skills training and psychosocial support.

WorldShare also supports HEAL Africa’s chaplaincy work, ensuring that chaplains are able to provide spiritual assistance for the patients at HEAL Africa hospital.

HEAL Africa - Where Most Needed

Our Projects

Heal Africa, Democratic Republic of Congo

Chaplaincy and Training Project

Heal Africa, Democratic Republic of Congo

HEAL Africa’s patients represent one of the most vulnerable groups in the country. The hospital has chaplains that provide holistic care and spiritual support. Very few hospitals in the DRC have chaplains at all and the current chaplains require additional and ongoing training. HEAL Africa runs a Chaplaincy training program that trains both male and female chaplains to provide wholistic and spiritual care for the hospital’s patients and to train other church leaders in the community. The chaplains provide advocacy and counselling spiritual support at the hospital and in the community particularly to those facing trauma, such as victims of sexual assault and domestic violence. The project supports the training of chaplains from various prisons, schools, hospitals and churches across North Kivu. After their training the chaplains will work to bring restoration to the broken hearts of vulnerable people with trauma in conflict torn communities.

Heal Africa, Democratic Republic of Congo

Mercy Fund

Heal Africa, Democratic Republic of Congo

Every day HEAL Africa receives poor, vulnerable and displaced people who have come to seek medical assistance but are unable to meet the costs of treatment. As an organisation with a mission to compassionately serve vulnerable people and communities, the hospital cannot turn them away. Mercy Fund was created to cover these medical and associated expenses for the most vulnerable patients presenting at the HEAL Africa hospital.

Heal Africa, Democratic Republic of Congo

Mugunga School and Uamusho Project

Heal Africa, Democratic Republic of Congo

The Mugunga Primary school provides education opportunities for vulnerable children and orphans from the Mugunga Refugee Camp in Goma. The Uamusho Project provides a refuge for young people living on the streets, often known as ‘street kids’ and aims to give them hope and brighter futures.

Partner Objectives

To provide financial assistance to 350 children (including orphaned, disabled and internally displaced children) to attend school.

To provide medical care, income generating activities and community development activities in the child sponsorship communities.

To provide 70 vulnerable patients with free medical treatment, transport, and a balanced diet while being treated to improve healing.

To provide 60 young people on the streets with vocational training and psychosocial support to enable them to gain employment and reintegrate into society.

To provide chaplaincy services for patients at HEAL Africa hospital, attending to their spiritual needs.

Transforming lives in the Democratic Republic of Congo

Straddling the Equator, the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), is the second largest country in Africa after Algeria. The 61 million inhabitants comprising 250 ethnic groups speaking 700 local languages endure one of the world's lowest living standards. War, government corruption, neglected public services and depressed copper and coffee markets are contributing factors. Our ministry partners in the DRC work specifically with people who are hearing impaired, have severe medical needs, or are vulnerable children or orphans.