Partner in Indonesia

Transforming communities in the poorest areas of Bali, Papua and Lombok through healthcare, food security and family strengthening.

Our partner in Indonesia is a grassroots organisation that is transforming lives in some of the poorest regions of Indonesia.

They currently serve in the poorest areas of Bali, Papua and Lombok, providing healthcare, food security and family strengthening programs.

WorldShare is excited to be working with our partner in Indonesia to respond to an urgent need for assistance on the island of Sumba.

Communities in southwest Sumba particularly struggle with incredibly high rates of child malnutrition and stunting.

Your support will empower vulnerable families through:

  • improving agriculture for sustainable food sources
  • improved health practices and nutrition awareness to prevent illness
  • micro-finance and business training to move from subsistence living to reliable income generation
  • improved family communication and parenting skills, particularly around the prevention of family violence and promoting women’s & children’s rights

About Indonesia

Indonesia has a population of over 275 million people, dispersed across more than 17,000 islands. Over 85% of the nation’s citizens are Muslim, with around 11% identifying as Christian.

On the island of Sumba in the east, access to water is a major challenge. During the dry season, many streams dry up and villagers are dependent on wells for scarce supplies.

Infant mortality and diseases such as malaria continue to be major health issues on the island.

Stories from our partner in Indonesia

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